The dependant partner and children under the age of 18 of Global Talent migrant can apply for dependant visa to stay with Global Talent migrant in the UK. Our dependant visa solicitors can provide immigration advice and legal representations for dependant visa for dependants of Global Talent migrant. Our specialist team of dependant visa solicitors can help the dependants of Global Talent migrant with their dependant visa for the UK. Our highly experienced immigration solicitors have wealth of knowledge and experience to deal with dependant visa applications.

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Services For Dependants Of Global Talent Migrant

As specialist immigration solicitors for dependant visa UK, we can provide fast, friendly, reliable and fixed fee legal services for following applications for dependants of Global Talent migrant:

FAQs - ILR As Dependant Of Global Talent Migrant

Can a spouse of Global Talent applicant apply for ILR after 5 years even if the husband (main applicant) does not want to apply for ILR?

It is not possible to apply for ILR as a Dependant where they application is neither applying for ILR nor has already been granted ILR.

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