As specialist immigration and human rights lawyers in London, Manchester and Birmingam, our expert team of immigration solicitors provide expert immigration advice service concerning all UK immigration matters. The quality of our immigration services is self-evident from the reviews of our clients about the service provided by our expert immigration solicitors.

If you want detailed immigration advice entailing full assessment of your personal circumstances, you can schedule an appointment for detailed immigration advice and consultation session. You can book an appointment for detailed immigration advice and consultation for £80 + VAT (if VAT is applicable) for up to 40 minutes session.

During the immigration consultation session, we will advise you about the relevant immigration laws, procedures, requirements, documents, etc after discussing the same with you in detail. Upon thorough assessment of your personal circmstances, our immigration lawyers will advise you about chances of success in your immigration case and the timescale for a decision to be reached on your immigration matter. Your attention will be drawn to the weaknesses and strengths of your immigration case so that the prospects of success can be increased, if possible. We will address all the questions you may have in relation to your immigration matter.

To find out whether there are good prospects of success in an immigration application, immigration appeal, Administrative Review (AR)Pre Action Protocol (PAP) or Judicial Review (JR) against a refusal of an application, you can schedule an appointment for immigration advice session whereby an immigration solicitor will be able to advise you on all aspects of your immigration matter.

Our immigration solicitors will agree with you, upfront, the total fixed fee required to handle your immigration case during the immigration advice session and if you instruct us for your immigration matter within 2 weeks, your consultation fee will be taken off the fixed fee quoted to handle your immigration case.

Our Team Of Leading Immigration Lawyers

As specialist immigration lawyers, we pride in having one of the best team of specialist immigration solicitors and lawyers with wealth of knowledge and experience to deal with all types of UK immigration matters. Our top rated immigration lawyers have successfully helped thousands of clients with all types of UK immigration applications, appeals, Administrative Review, Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) and Judicial Review (JR).

Following are the leading immigration lawyers and solicitors in our team of immigration lawyers: