As specialist divorce and family law solicitors in Manchester, we can provide expert divorce and family law advice and representations for all types of divorce and family law matters. Our experienced divorce / family law solicitors in Manchester, have wealth of knowledge and extensive experience to provide  divorce and family law advice and representations concerning vast range of divorce and family law matters. As one of the top divorce lawyers in Manchester, our experienced and highly qualified divorce lawyers and family law solicitors have helped large number of clients with their divorce and family law matters successfully. 

Ask a question to our specialist divorce lawyers for free divorce advice online or submit an online request to shcedule an appointment for detailed divorce and family law consultation with one of  our speclialist divorce and family law solicitors. You may also find answer to your question in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about divorce and family law matters.

Divorce Advice Service Manchester

Our divorce lawyers in Manchester provide best divorce advice services in all types of divorce and family law matters. Divorce advice service for divorce and family law matters is provided by our top divorce solicitors and advisers who have extensive knowledge of divorce laws and huge experience of dealing with all types of divorce and family law matters. As one of the best divorce lawyers in Manchester, we provide following divorce advice services for divorce and family law matters:

Free Divorce and Family Law Advice Online

Need free divorce advice online? Contact our expert team of free divorce advice lawyers in Manchester for fast, friendly and reliable free divorce advice through our online enquiry form and Live Chat. Ask a question to our free divorce advice solicitors in Manchester concerning your divorce and family law matter. Our free divorce advice solicitors will aim to respond to your free divorce advice enquiry within 24 hours of receiving your free divorce advice enquiry.

Free divorce advice online is provided 24/7 including outside our office hours. Please be advised that free divorce advice is subject to availability and discretion of our free divorce advice solicitors. 


Detailed Divorce and Family Law Advice From Just £80 + VAT

As specialist divorce lawyers in Manchester, our expert team of divorce lawyers provide high quality divorce advice service concerning all divorce and family law matters. You can book an appointment for detailed divorce advice consultation session concerning your divorce & family law matter for just £80 + VAT for up to half an hour session.

A detailed divorce advice and consultation during our office hours can be provided:

  • through face to face consultation in our office; or
  • over the phone; or
  • through Skype / Zoom.

Our divorce lawyers will agree with you, upfront, the total fixed fee to handle your divorce and family law matter during the divorce consultation session and if you instruct us for your divorce and family law matter within 2 weeks, your consultation fee will be taken off the fixed fee quoted to handle your divorce & family law case.


Fixed Fees - Divorce and Family Law Services

Our expert team of fixed fee divorce and family lawyers in Manchester offer professional divorce and family law services with very reasonable fixed fees for divorce and family law cases under flexible payment terms for all of our clients. A Fixed Fee Arrangement is an alternative to the standard hourly rate used by divorce and family law solicitors with a fixed price for each stage of legal work.  Agreed fixed fee is not dictated by the time spent on the case.  The agreed fixed fee gives certainty of divorce solicitors legal costs and thus enables you to budget for your lawyer’s fees for divorce and family law matters.


Ending Your Marriage & Settling Your Finances

You can apply to get a divorce in England & Wales to end your marriage if your relationship with your spouse has broken down irretrievably. Divorce is a legal process to end marriage between husband and wife after the relationship between them has broken down irretrievably. You can get a divorce in England & Wales only after you have been married for at least one year and you have valid grounds for seeking divorce. You can apply for divorce online or by completing a divorce application form D8 with valid grounds for divorce. You can also get a divorce in England & Wales if you do not know the whereabout of your husband or wife.

The Family Justice Council has a guide to sorting out finances during divorce. Our specialist team of financial settlement solicitors can provide expert legal advice and representations for financial settlement in divorce, annulment of marriage and judicial separation.

As specialist divorce and financial settlement solicitors in Manchester, we can provice expert legal advice and represntations for following matters involving divorce and financial settlement:

Ending Your Civil Partnership & Settling Your Finances

As one of the best dissolution lawyers in Manchester, our specialist team of civil partnership dissolution solicitors can provide advice and legal representations for all types of dissolution matters including uncontested dissolution where both parties agree to end the civil partnership and contested dissolution where the Respondent to dissolution petition does not agree to dissolution of civil partnership and would contest the dissolution.

As specialist lawyers for dissolution of civil partnership, our lawyers can provide expert legal advice and representations for following matters involving dissolution of civil partnership:

Services As Child Law Solicitors

Our specialist team of children law solicitors can provide expert legal advice to parents, guardians, grandparents and other family members with all aspects of children law. Our children law solicitors can help any family member, whether you are a parent, grandparent, guardian or another family member or friend. We cover a wide range of legal services covering children's matters. The child law solicitors at Sunrise Solicitors are always mindful of the fact that cases involving children are particularly sensitive and complex. We do our best in promoting and protecting the wellbeing of the chilrdren involved in the legal proceedings by taking right steps at right time.

If you have been unable to resolve the dispute involving your child through mutual agreement, you can take expert legal advice from our specialist child law solicitors who will give you legal advice on your legal rights and help you achieve your objectives through legal proceedings in family law court.

As specialist children law solicitors, we can provide legal advice and representations for following matters involving children:

  • Child Arrangements Order
  • Special Guardianship Order
  • Child Maintenance Agreements
    Child Abduction Matters
    Emergency Protection Orders
    Parenting Agreements
    Grandparents Rights
    Specific Issue Orders For Children
    Local Authority Childcare Proceedings
    Parental Responsibility Orders

Court Orders Involving Domestic Violence

Our specialist team of family law solicitors can provide legal advice and representations for following mattters involving domestic violence:

Prenuptial Agreements

Our experienced prenuptial agreement solicitors in Manchester can help you with your prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement (often known as prenup agreement) is a formal pre marital written agreement between two partners. The prenuptial agreement sets out ownership of all the belongings including money, assets and property and explains how these will be divided in the event of the breakdown of their marriage.

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