Ms. Fatima Toqeer Shah is a specialist immigration solicitor with experience of practising UK immigration laws for a number of years and thus having huge experience of handling a wide range of UK visa and immigration matters. She is a key member of our immigration team, possessing huge legal skills to deal with wide range of UK visas and immigration matters. Having practiced immigration law for a number of years, Fatima has gained the required knowledge and skills to deal with complex immigration matters. She has a proven method of working to maximise the chances of success in handling immigration matters of all her clients. She has proven track record of delivering successful immigration solutions, guiding clients through the minefield of ever-changing and complex immigration rules which are filled with traps. Whatever the nature of your immigration case, Fatima is always ready to take the stressful burden away from your shoulders. So, book an appointment with Ms. Fatima Toqeer Shah to take the first step towards a successful immigration application.

Ms. Fatima Toqeer Shah has been proudly assisting her clients with visitor visasfamily visaswork visasasylumentry clearance applicationsswitching visasILR applicationsapplications for naturalisation as a British Citizen and challenging UK visa refusals. She also has very good track record of successfully challenging Home Office UKVI refusal decisions by way of Immigration Appeals, Administrative Review, Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) and Judicial Review (JR). She keeps herself fully up to date with all the changes in UK immigration laws to ensure that any immigration advice given by her and legal representations made by her are always accurate and in line with current UK immigration laws.

She has very good legal skills with excellent knowledge of the UK immigration laws which help her achieve success in all the UK immigration matters she handles. She has worked across a variety of different UK immigration cases and has the expertise to assist with wide range of UK immigration related matters, no matter how complicated. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you with your immigration case, whatever that may be.

Due to his excellent client care skills, legal skills and diligence in his work, many clients choose to return to the firm in particular when they wish to renew their UK visas.

Our Team Of Leading Immigration Lawyers

As specialist immigration lawyers, we pride in having one of the best team of specialist immigration solicitors and lawyers with wealth of knowledge and experience to deal with all types of UK visa and immigration matters. Our top rated immigration lawyers have successfully helped thousands of clients with all types of UK visa and immigration applications, immigration appeals, Administrative Review, Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) and Judicial Review (JR).

Following are the leading immigration lawyers and solicitors in our team of immigration lawyers:

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  • Many thanks! I requested some information relating to my case and the response was effective and professional. It is really helpful that by email I received the response without any hassle!
  • They've been really helpful and took me through the whole process of getting my indefinite leave to remain. Without them, I don't think I would have gotten it! So I recommend the company a lot!
  • We’ve used Sunrise Solicitors for the last 5 years for my wife’s journey through the spouse visa process up to indefinite leave to remain. For Each application, Mr Naviwala’s document checking service has been absolutely invaluable to us, helping us decipher the cryptic questions on the application and providing us clear advice on the multitude of supporting documents we need to provide. I can’t recommend the service enough. It takes so much of the stress out of the situation.
  • We have received great advice from Amir regarding our issue. He was very helpful have come up with a solution we could have not found on our own. After our consultation we have been convinced that this is the right place to help with our visa application. I strongly recommend Sunrise Solicitors for any questions in regards to UK immigration.
  • I would recommend this company without a second thought. Nargis was the solicitor I was assigned and she was competent, charming and helpful. One really useful thing they do is give you an honest assessment of your case. I was looking for a visa and they said I had a very good chance of getting it and they were correct - I got it. Turns out these people really know their UK immigration law.