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27 December 2019
Words cannot express how thankful I am to have Sunrise Solicitors to get my UK nationality. My special thanks to the MD-Arshad Mahmood and my case worker Asif.
Asif is always patience, understanding, supportiveand an easy going professional with all his clients.
And more over he is very honest,genuine and a down to earth personality. It’s hard to see such a polite andcharming personality in this competitive and business field. His sincerity anddedication were extra addition to his professionalism where these really helpedhim to achieve many things, particularly clients’ satisfaction -by attending patiently-eachand every one of their queries on time – during his busy daily schedule. There is no doubt that Asif is a great asset to thefirm.
Arshad was always very caring of his clients andmoreover very dedicated in providing immigration and legal advises. His well awareness to delicate law points and thirst for knowledge are extra addition tohis great success.
Again, my heartfelt thanks to Asif, Arshad and SunriseSolicitors. I will definitely recommend this firm to my friends and colleagues.5/5*.
23 December 2019
I used Sunrise solicitors services many times, and they are very helping and professional. Always, keep you in a loop, they don't work in silos but in a real collaborative manner, always educating regarding the new matter in the case. Highly recommended.
19 December 2019
Hello Amir bhi And Asif Rizwi they both very good job for get my ILR basics for domestic violence very good service and kind person.
02 December 2019
i am surprised with sunrise solicitors services regarding my wife Spouse visa Mr Arshad was very help full and friendly i realized they very professional ad very experienced i would like to say that sunrise solicitor are 7 star firm .
ASIF & Hajra
Chakirou otuedon
27 November 2019
I am happy of your service because
My matter was resolve and you are really a good solicitir
Noha Amin
22 November 2019
Sunrise Solicitors Manchester are the perfect resort when it comes to deal with customers and UK visas consultations. They provide prompt responses with useful and fruitful help and support. They understand well the requirements and provide the perfect guidance that suits the discussed case. Reasonable consultation fees with outstanding service, they really rock. We highly recommend them, and they deserve our appreciation and deep thanks. Special thanks goes to Arshad and Kevan who dealt with our case and provide a professional work.
22 November 2019
Many thanks to Kevin and Asad of Sunrise Solicitors, extremely helpful, always on hand to answer any questions and highly professional. They compiled a very comprehensive package that resulted in our successful visa application. I highly recommend their services without reservation.
Many thanks for a great job!!!!
Lydia C G
19 November 2019
Highly recommended!!! The best Solicitors for immigration advice in UK, Asif Rizwy & Arshad Mahmood were truly accurate and very helpful in preparing my spouse visa application to be 100% successful.
Paul Finnis
14 November 2019
Following an exchange with Mr Naviwala by email which was always very quick and responsive, I followed up with a consultation meeting. This was about my wife's ILR application and Amir was very knowledgeable and his experience and advice was just what we needed. Thank you and I'm very happy to recommend!
13 November 2019
Many thanks to Sunrise solicitors
Kevin & Neha, I am absolutely grateful for you assistance
We have been stuck for five years and have been to several
solicitors with no help. However, your statement to the home
office made all the difference.
I am one thousand times grateful to you !
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