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17 September 2020
Summary of my experience with Sunrise Solicitors:

1. Very professional people. Sofia Sabelli was very diligent at responding missed calls and meeting deadlines. Whenever she was on holidays, there was someone re-acting to any questions who I felt was knowledgeable and responded very quickly. These people are very well co-ordinated among themselves which starts at the receptionist´s level;

2. Knowledgeable and open to dialogue and discussion on specific topics which were of relevance to my case;

3. Practice led approach when dealing with the Home Office which was, I believe, the key in my case;

4. I made a very good choice when appointing Sunrise Solicitors, not only because, in the end, I got what I was after, but also because I felt accompanied all the way through and well advised

My suggestions when dealing with this or other immigration solicitors:

1. Be succinct and very descriptive of all the details of your case. I have realized, one of the toughest exercises to do is to put together one case´s story with all the relevant details. The lawyer can only judge your case on the information put forward to them;

2. Before having any call with anyone, send those facts via email in a bullet format as this will enable you to have a much better conversation, make the best of everyone´s time and not being seen as a nuisance. Even better, even before reaching out to the lawyer themselves, make a friend of yours read the email and find out whether all facts are well explained and the story is understandable;

3. Mention all the details even if you believe those are not really relevant. It is to the lawyer to ascertain what can help you and what not;

4. Write down dates using the 03/2020 format; avoid names as it makes communication much harder and refer to “child A”, “mother” or “father” instead;

5. Read a lot on the internet about your case or similar cases. It will help you to ask the right questions and to also challenge some of the lawyer´s views on how to address a specific topic. I very strongly recommend which is formidable source of information and people´s experience on the field;

6. At the end of the day, this is a relationship based on the faith you have in your lawyer so let their opinion prevail once you may have challenged them;

7. Insists in asking or making your point on a specific topic in case you may not fully understand what is presented to you or you have read a lot about a specific matter;

8. If you believe the matter is so relevant that it needs to be discussed with the lawyer and not the para-legal person, insist in doing so. Be well prepared and have very specific questions/doubts;

9. For my case, I did speak to 9 different lawyers: 3 of them said 80% chances of being successful; 1 60-70% (Sunrise solicitors), 3 50%, 2 0%. Dig as much as you can, do not take for good the first lawyer´s views as there are some grey areas and interpretations/approaches to the same case that can lead to success or failure. I have found that most of lawyers are happy to have a first chat for free;

10. If you need specific documents in your case, insist to obtain those and look for ways around (a different person that the first you had in mind, perhaps?)
Happy Client
16 September 2020
A big thank you to Miss Neha Tewani (and Amir) for an awesome job with my wife's ILR. A true professional, very thorough in going through our application, supporting documents and communications. Throughout the process she was always available to answer our queries via phone and email and highly responsive.
We were walked through each step of the process in a clear and concise manner. The result being that we were pleasantly surprised with my wife receiving her ILR within 5 weeks given that we were expecting it to take between 3 to 6 months. We would highly recommend Sunrise Solicitors and a big shout out to Miss Neha Tewani for her professionalism.
Ana Maria Barsoum
14 September 2020
I thank Marriam sohail from sunrise solicitors for her excellent work for my case, 2 weeks and i have got my Card.
Ana Barsoum
Very Grateful Client
09 September 2020
Very friendly staff, thankful for their work even during the COVID crisis in getting my application sorted. I would recommend Sunrise to others and would definitely use them again.
05 September 2020
I must confess that, I always had second thoughts about testimonials…However, I can with confidence leave one from my experiences with Sunrise Solicitors, least I can do, as a thank you for what they have done for us.
I am a Brit who is married for 14 happy years to my wife from Turkey. We decided to move over to the UK but whatever way I had looked up at our so confusing immigration laws it got us -more down and down. Our kids are 8-11 years old and their education is our at most priority. After many hours spending online looking for a solution, I came across Amir from Sunrise Solicitors. Dropped a note and he got back to me straight away, and we spoke for a 1 ¼ hrs. He listened in detail and gave me a clear picture of the steps and legal advice that was available for my case. I thoroughly thought about his advice and trusted him 100%. He got me with one of his team members, Ms. Latrece. She impressed me with her complete attention to detail approach, she did not take any chances or guesses. With the immigration laws this is exactly what you need. Again, Sunrise Solicitors -we thank you for your honesty, integrity, professionalism and support. I highly recommend Sunrise Solicitors to anyone that needs an immigration solicitors.
30 July 2020
Big thank you Sunrise Soliciotrs.. It was easy and affordable journey with you.
Mr Arshad and Ms Sofia are the really best team so far.
We have the grant visa and feeling very happy.
Keep on Shining.
Stiva Petrus-Brebner
28 June 2020
Thanks to Amir and Sofia for personal and caring advice and assistance in dealing with this exceptional case. We will definitely be using them again for the next stage of the process and feel confident that another positive outcome will ensue.

There is no hesitation on my part, or my husband, to recommend them to others for their immigration matters.

Excellent, professional service. Sound and accurate advice were received enabling a stress-free and positive result.
24 June 2020
We have used Sunrise Solicitors twice now and are very happy with the services they offer. Professional, efficient and patient as well! Would recommend them in a heartbeat. And big 'thank you' to Neha for facilitating our granddaughters British citizenship.
Andrew Gordon
03 June 2020
I can honestly say that my experience with Sunrise has been without doubt exemplary from leave to remain, ILR and Naturalisation applications for both my wife and her son. This is reflected in the excellent level of professionalism and immigration expertise including undertaking successful legal challenge for unfair home office decisions. In addition I think their fees are reasonable and affordable including where there is a need take legal action.
Rahul Boraste
02 June 2020
I have used Sunrise solicitors services many times for my ILR and Citizenship applications.

This was about my wife's and my Son ILR application and Asif was very knowledgeable , highly competent ,friendly and provided all the support we needed for a successful outcome of ILR application.

I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs advise on immigration matters as they are definitely the best. Special thanks to the team.
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