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05 October 2019
We owe a great deal to the quality work, diligence and know-how regarding the various immigration matters Sunrise Solicitors have been helping us with over the years. Fundamentally it is about keeping families and love ones together and it would have not been possible without the help of Sunrise Solicitors and especially Arshad Mahmood and his fantastic team. Thank you so much for all of your help and well done!
Melroy & Margaret Carvalho
02 October 2019
We started our Journey with Sunrise Solicitor’s not knowing what to expect. My Mom needed a visa to remain with us due to her age and moreover as a support system for both us. We tried all avenues by ourselves and exhausted all options and were referred by a friend to try Sunrise Solicitor’s as he had a similar case which was successful. My friend said they work on very tough cases and had a very good track record. We met with Kevin first who walked us through the process step by step, gave us different options and the wheel were in motion from day one. Asad took over our case and he was amazing, kind, systematic and very empathic to our situation, he made this very difficult process look so stress-free and seamless. Asad and Kevin safeguarded all angles of the case before proceeding and talk us through the whole thing to ensure it was the right way to proceed. All required documents were checked thoroughly by both of them and later sent to us to be crossed checked again. With these steps we felt at ease that everything was done to perfection. The cost break was done well and the payment program was set very well to ensure we cope with the payments. Overall Sunrise Solicitors deserve a 5 star rating in customer service and being very professional with guaranteed results. I would like to Thank Asad and Kevin for the ‘Amazing work’ they have done and wish them all the best !
02 October 2019
Sunrise solicitors carried out a successful application for my wife's and stepson's ILR, as well as subsequent citizenship/naturalisation. Kevin took care of both applications. He was always highly competent and friendly, and provided all the support we needed for a successful outcome in both ILR and citizenship applications. Kevin not only handled all aspects of the applications, but was always willing to answer any queries I had. He provided all the support we needed.
Thanks to Kevin and Sunrise Solicitors, my whole family are now all British citizens.
I can only recommend Kevin and Sunrise Solicitors for all immigration matters!
11 September 2019
Thank you Sunrise Solicitors for giving me a wonderful solicitor to work with. Communication was super brilliant and I was kept informed on each stage of my case.. Sofia Sabelli was very on board and communicative with my case.
Thank you Sunrise thank you Sofia. All appreciated and will recommend.
Sarah Winter
Mariko K
29 August 2019
I would like to thank Arshad, Denada and Nargis for the great service provided during my successful application for a fiancée visa. Despite my situation being quite complicated they explained all the requirements very clearly. I plan to use Sunrise again for the next stage of my visa application and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.
Priya Pi
29 August 2019
I came in touch with Amir Ji and Denada Donelly regarding a very complicated immigration matter. From the very first moment, they dealt with the matter with great professional vigour and empathy. Denada was the best case worker i could have hoped for. She is very patient, proactive and sensible apart from being very well versed with the case laws and legal procedures. She dealt with every challenging situation, and there were quite a few in my case, with speed and precision which led to desired results. She has been with me every step of the way showcasing huge professional dexterity and kind heartedness. I have every faith in her and wish her all the best for her future.
Amir ji, has been a benevolent mentor and guide throughout the lengthy process and provided the much needed anchorage throughout the stormy immigration situation. He bears profound legal knowledge and immense compassion. Though a Director, he was always reachable and offered solutions to every curve ball in my case. I am forever indebted to him.
I am happy to recommend sunrise solicitors to everyone.
Many Thanks Denada and Amir ji.
M A Mohamed
28 August 2019
I have been a client of Sunrise Solicitors since 2016 and since then they have been dealing with my family immigration matters. This time my ILR and then my British Citizenship application case was handled by Ms. Sofia Sabelli, who is a Legal Advisor and Immigration Paralegal. I found her very dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate towards her work.
I received the approval within 24 hours for my ILR. Then as advised by Sunrise Solicitors that I am eligible for British Citizenship, an application was processed and within 3 weeks received the approval, attended the ceremony and received the British Citizenship Certificate. Applied for the British Passport and received within 2 weeks, I highly recommend everyone to use Sunrise Solicitors for their Immigration Matters as they really are the expert in Immigration and Family Law. I once again thanks to Ms. Sofia Sabelli and Mr Amir Naviwala for their approach towards my work.
Hari Singh
23 August 2019
The whole team of Sunrise solicitors has been nothing but just wonderful since the day one. Specially Mr Arshad Mahmood & Latrece Hunnygen, they both have been very co-operative & open about my wife's visa case. Arshad has explained all the possibilities & complications in regards to my wife's UK visa & Lartrece helped me in gathering all the document. Both of them worked in great sync & made possible for my wife to acquire her UK visa. Thanks everyone for your help & co-operation.
16 August 2019
My husband has been a client of Sunrise Solicitors since 2016. They dealt with his FLR, ILR and most recently his Naturalisation Application which was successful and approved after only 23 days, this was a nice surprise for him as he was expecting it to take longer.
I would like to thank Denada for the way she handled both the ILR and Naturalisation Applications. She is very professional and thorough in everything she does and always has a friendly approach and she always kept us in the loop.
I would also like to thank Mr Amir for explaining everything at the start of the process.
I will definitely recommend Sunrise Solicitors to anyone who needs Immigration help or advice.
Once again thank you to Denada and Sunrise Solicitors.
16 August 2019
I came to Sunrise as the other solicitor that handled my matter initially did not handle the matter professionally, this I believe is lack of experience in immigration matters. My initial consultation was with Mr. Amir, after the consultation he went straight to the point and I had the grace of 2 weeks to instruct Sunrise as there is a window to take off the consultation fees from the total fees, and there is a payment plan that helps too. Yes I came back as I was convinced I wanted to go ahead. I was handed over to Denada as the caseworker to handle my matter, the team is fantastic! They are professionals with great experience and sincere advice; we just completed the first lap, and, I am more than happy with the result. I am keeping my fingers crossed as I believe this is the right step to take. I will definitely recommend their services. Many thanks team Sunrise Solicitors!!!
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