Welcome to Sunrise Solicitors, the leading immigration and human rights law specialists in the UK.

With offices based in South Wimbledon (London), we provide a fast, friendly, reliable, honest, affordable and professional immigration service. As specialist immigration and human rights lawyers, we provide legal advice concerning all UK immigration and human rights matters including Applications by Family Members of British Citizens and Settled Persons, UK Work Visas, Same Day Visa Service at PEO, Croydon, EU Law Applications, Long Residence Applications, Asylum and Humanitarian Protection, British Citizenship, Immigration Appeals and Administrative Review, Judicial Reviews against the UKBA.

We provide expert UK immigration services to clients of all nationalities from all over the world including Americans, Canadians, Russians, Australians, New Zealanders, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Pakistanis.

We offer professional service with very reasonable fees and flexible payment terms for all of our clients. If you cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of your instructions, we are happy to accept half of the agreed fee at the time of initial instructions with the balance to be paid via monthly installments.

Please be advised that Sunrise Solicitors like all other solicitors in England and Wales, are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and are exempt from the regulation by the OISC. Only those who are non-solicitors e.g. consultants or advisors are regulated by the OISC. As it is well known, solicitors are legally qualified to provide legal help in relation to any legal matter including immigration and human rights matters.

Sunrise Solicitors are specialised to provide legal help in all types of immigration and human rights matters at all stages of an immigration case including:

As the expert immigration solicitors in London, we are registered with the Home Office, UKBA, Public Enquiry Office (PEO) for Same Day Visa Service / Home Office Premium Service and our immigration solicitors can prepare and submit your application to the Home Office, PEO by hand and get an instant decision on your application. You will be accompanied to the Home Office by our legal representative who will assist you with the enrollment of your biometrics, submission of your application and liaise with the Home Office Immigration Caseworker in getting decision on your application in one day. This way, you will not have to wait for the decision on your application for months (sometimes years).

We can arrange a PEO appointment for earliest available date which will be within 4 weeks from the time you instruct us. The Home Office, PEO, now requires that the full fee for the application is paid in advance at the time of PEO appointment booking. For more information about our Same Day Visa Service, you can visit FAQs about Same Day Visa Service.

If you wish to instruct us for Same Day Visa Service for your application, you can contact us on 020 8543 0999 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We provide Same Day Service (Premium Service) for immigration applications as mentioned below:

ApplicationsOur Fee (Ex.VAT)
Extension of Discretionary Leave which was granted for 3 Years [Form FLR (O) Application] From £800
ILR On The Basis Of 6 Years Under Discretionary LEAVE [Form SET (O) Application] From £800
ILR Application - 10 Years Long Residence [SET (LR) Application] From £800
Partner Visa Under 10 Years Route To Settlement [FLR (FP) Application] From £1200
Switching Into Spouse Visa UK [FLR (M) Application] From £800
Extension Of Stay As A Spouse [FLR (M) Application] From £800
ILR Spouse  [SET (M) Application] From £700
Switching Into Civil Partner Visa [FLR (M) Application] From £800
Extension Of Stay As A Civil Partner (FLR (M) Application]  From £800
ILR Civil Partner [SET (M) Application]  From £700
Switching Into Unmarried Partner Visa [FLR (M) Application]  From £800
Unmarried Partner Visa Renewal [FLR (M) Application] From £800
ILR Unmarried Partner [SET (M) Application]  From £700
Switching Into Same Sex Partner Visa [FLR(M) Application]  From £800
Renewal Of Same Sex Partner Visa [ FLR (M) Application] From £800
ILR Same Sex Partner [SET (M) Application] From £700
Tier 1 General Extension From £800
ILR Tier 1 General [SET (O) Application]  From £800
Switching Into Tier 2 General From 700
Tier 2 General Extension From 700
ILR Tier 2 General [SET (O) - Tier 2 General]  From £700
Switching Into Tier 2 Minister Of Religion  From £700
Tier 2 Minister Of Religion Visa Extension From £700 
ILR Tier 2 Minister Of Religion [SET (O) - Tier 2 Minister of Religion]  From £700
Switching Into Tier 2 ICT From £700
Renewal Of Tier 2 ICT Visa  From £700
ILR Tier 2 ICT [SET (O) - Tier 2 ICT] From £700
Switching Into Tier 2 Sportsperson From £800
Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa Renewal From £800
ILR Tier 2 Sportsperson  From £1,000
Tier 4 General Student  From £600
Tier 4 Child Student  From £600
Switching Into PBS Dependant Visa From £600
PBS Dependant Visa Renewal From £600
ILR - PBS Dependant  From £600
UK Ancestry Visa Extension [FLR (O) - UK Ancestry]  From £600
ILR UK Ancestry [SET (O) - UK Ancestry]  From £600
Domestic Worker Visa Extension [FLR (O) - Domestic Worker] From £700
ILR Domestic Worker Visa [SET (O) - Domestic Worker] From £700
ILR Work Permit Holder [SET (O) - Work Permit Holder] From £600
TOC [Transfer Of Conditions] Application From £500
NTL [No Time Limit] Application From £500
Tier 5 Religious Workers Visa Extension From £800
Tier 5 Charity Workers Visa Extension From £800

 We also prvoide Super Premium Service to our clients which is only available in certain categories.

A detailed immigration advice / full consultation concerning your immigration matter can be arranged for just £120 (VAT included). A detailed advice can either be provided through face to face consultation in our office or through a detailed advice over the phone/Skype. In case of detailed immigration advice over the phone, the consultation fee can be paid by debit or credit card over the phone.

We believe in giving honest advice about prospects of success in the case and under no circumstances would exaggerate chances of success in the case. Your attention will be drawn to the weaknesses and strengths of the case so that the prospects of success can be increased if possible.

To find out whether there are good prospects of success in an application, immigration appeal or Judicial Review against a refusal of an application, you can arrange a detailed consultation whereby an immigration solicitor will be able to advise you on all aspects of your immigration matter.

Our immigration solicitors will agree with you, upfront, the total fee required to handle your case during the consultation session and if you decide to instruct us within 2 weeks, your consultation fee will be discounted from the fee quoted to handle your case.

We can provide emgerncy advice over the phone or through Skype outside our office office hours. We will charge a fixed fee of £200 + VAT = £240 for such emergency advice outside office hours. VAT is not applicable where the person seeking advice is not habitually resident in the UK and is seeking advice from outside the UK.

You can arrange for the emergency out of hours consultation session by calling us on the following contact numbers: 

  • 020 8543 0999 during office hours
  • 07900 260 925 / 07940 356 532 outside office hours.

We can assess the supporting documents of an immigration case and advise you on the weaknesses and strengths of your case. If you are considering submitting an application to the Home Office or filing a notice of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal on your own without being represented by a legal representative, it is worth showing all your documents to an immigration expert who can advise you on your case documents. The immigration cases succeed and fail on the basis of documents most of the time and therefore it is very important to know whether or not the documents you are submitting in support of your application or appeal are good enough for the application or the appeal to succeed.

We will charge a fee in the sum of £200 + VAT = £240.00 for one-off assessment of the case documents.

If you have made an application for entry clearance (out of country application) or an application for leave to remain (in-country application for switching / extension / ILR) and your application has been pending with the UKBA for more than six months, we can chase up the UKBA and make representations to the UKBA for a quick decision to be made on the outstanding application. As a result of our representations to the UKBA, your application is likely to be decided within 2 to 6 weeks.

We charge £500 + VAT for our representations to chase up the UKBA for a quick decision to be reached on your outstanding application.

Our Immigration Solicitors are specialised in providing legal representations to those whose removal from the UK is imminent. If you have been refused entry to the UK at a UK port of entry and your removal from the UK is imminent, we can represent you and can assist you with challenging your removal from the UK. Similarly, if you were living in the UK and have been detained by the UKBA and you have been served with Removal Directions, we can challenge your removal from the UK if it is considered that your removal from the UK is not in accordance with the UK immigration and human rights laws. We make representations to the Home Office, UKBA as to how their decision to remove you from the UK is not in accordance with the relevant immigration and human rights laws and why the removal directions should be cancelled. If these representaions are not accepted by the Home Office, UKBA and removal directions are not cancelled, we then consider seeking emergency injunction from the High Court Judge to challenge your removal if such removal is not in accordance with law. In cases of an imminent removal from the UK, please contact us on our emergency contact numbers: 07940 356 532 / 07900 260 925.

Our immigration solicitors can assist you in relation to your immigration appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) or Judicial Review to the Upper Tribunal against the Home Office or Entry Clearance Officer's immigration decision if your application for leave to enter (entry clearance/visa) or leave to remain (application to the Home Office for switching or extension of stay) has been refused. We can also provide legal help and assistance in challenging the dismissal of an appeal by an Immigration Judge at First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) or Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). We can also act for you on no win no fee basis in relation to your application for Judicial Review if we find that the chances of success in your application are 100%.

Our immigration and human rights solicitors can communicate with you in one of the following languages to discuss your matter with you:

English | Urdu | Hindi | Punjabi | Gujrati | Sindhi | Memon | Pashto | French | Lingala | Romanian | Spanish | Portuguese | Bengali | Kiswahili/Swahili


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