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Global Talent Visa UK

You can use a Global Talent visa to work in the UK if you are a leader or potential leader in one of the following fields:

  • academia or research
  • arts and culture
  • digital technology

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Global Talent visa category is for talented and promising individuals in specific sectors wishing to work in the UK. ‘Talent’ applicants are already leaders in their respective field, while ‘promise’ applicants have shown the potential to become leaders in their field. Global talent visa category has replaced the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa category.  Unlike its predecessor, the Global Talent category is not subject to a cap on the number of applicants, ensuring migrants who can meet the qualifying criteria will be able to secure entry subject to successful visa checks. The new Global Talent category is set out in Appendix W to the Immigration Rules. The category does not form part of the Points-Based System and does not include points-scoring tables.

To be considered for a Global Talent visa, an applicant must be endorsed by an endorsing body. Endorsement from such bodies is necessary to prove the applicant’s exceptional talent or exceptional promise. In achieving this, we can help you to assess the merits by taking into account all the relevant information relied by the applicant.  We would need to see your CV well prior to the scheduled consultation session.  The session of one hour needs to be booked, out of which we would use 20 minutes would be used to assess your entitlement prior to the consultation session leaving behind 40 minutes to discuss the matter during the consultation session.

Our assessment will be based upon the overall experience of dealings with such matters.  We have been established from 2008 and have earned a very good reputation which is evident from the testimonials from our clients in the form of Google Reviews. We have dealt with number of such cases and have been successful.  We always aim to provide honest advice with no false hopes and this is the reasons when we advise our clients, they are happily leaving good feedback for us despite of them being unable to achieve their respective goals as simply they are not meeting the relevant requirements.  They usually realise that we always aim to advise them which protects their best interest.

Global Talent Visa Endorsing Bodies

Depending on the specialised field, there are various endorsing bodies. For example:

  • The Arts Council England for an endorsement of arts and culture.
  • The endorsement of Tech Nation for the digital technology industry will remain valid until its closure on March 31, 2023. No updates have been released regarding the appointment of a substitute endorsement body for the tech sector.
  • The Royal Society’s natural scientific and medical fields.
  • The endorsements of the British Academy for Humanities and social sciences.
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering for validation of engineering expertise.
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is open to candidates from all areas of research, provided they possess a valid job offer as an academic or researcher, a fellowship, or a research grant from an endorsed funder endorsed by UKRI.

Individuals who hold a position of authority or are aspiring leaders in the fields of fashion design, architecture, or film and television will have their submissions evaluated by sub-endorsers who represent Arts Council England. The entities serving as sub-endorsers comprise the British Fashion Council (BFC), the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT).

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It will be necessary for you to assess and determine which endorsing organisation possesses the optimal resources to assess your specific skill set in the relevant field, and ascertain the specific criteria that must be met to obtain a successful endorsement. The endorsing bodies have diligently applied their respective areas of expertise to formulate the evaluation standards that will be utilized to determine whether an applicant meets the qualifications for either “exceptional talent” or “exceptional promise.” Consequently, the requirements for endorsement may vary based on the organization that evaluates your application.

The potential areas of expertise that each endorsing entity may take into account can be found in the Home Office’s Global Talent visa guidance available on GOV.UK, or in the Immigration Rules’ Appendix Global Talent. To illustrate, an individual seeking endorsement in the arts and culture sector is required to:

  • Actively participate in the production of exceptionally high-caliber work that is executed, showcased, circulated, or showcased on a global scale, with a commitment to professional engagement and,
  • Have consistently worked as skilled professionals within their respective industries over the past five years, and
  • For exceptional talent, exhibiting a considerable performance record in multiple countries is essential, while possessing a developing performance record in one or more countries is crucial for exceptional promise.

The endorsing authorities have limitations in their scope of the evaluation, which may imply that your area of expertise is presently beyond their consideration. Nonetheless, in the academic or research realm, a peer review of your application could facilitate an endorsement. However, if your proficiencies are not amenable to evaluation by an endorsing body, you could still be eligible for an alternate classification of visa.

Global Talent visa endorsement process

During the endorsement application process, it will be necessary for a pertinent endorsing entity to evaluate your competencies, proficiencies, and accomplishments in compliance with the ‘Code of Practice for Endorsing Bodies’ outlined on GOV.UK. Following a thorough review of your submission said entity shall provide recommendations to the Home Office in regard to whether you qualify as an established leader exhibiting exceptional talent or an emerging leader with promising potential.

Nonetheless, it is requisite that requests for validation be directed to the Home Office, even though the validating body scrutinizes the application. The primary phase of validating requests by a validating body remains identical for both local and foreign applicants, necessitating all to follow the online application process via the GOV.UK platform using the ‘Apply for Global Talent endorsement – stage 1’ form. Additionally, candidates requesting Tech Nation validations must furnish an accompanying digital technology form that is accessible on the Tech Nation website, although this procedure may be subject to alteration following the conclusion of Tech Nation on March 31, 2023.

From a pragmatic standpoint, it must be duly noted that stage-1 represents an endorsement application rather than a visa, thus it shall not prolong any valid leave held by the applicant in the UK while the decision is pending. It is imperative that the candidate allocates a sufficient time frame to smoothly navigate through both stages of the application process prior to the expiry of their existing visa, or alternatively apply concurrently. It is customary for a decision regarding an endorsement application to take several weeks, with possible exemptions for applicants in the academic, research, or digital technology sectors, who may qualify for a swifter resolution following specific eligibility criteria.

Upon receiving a favorable endorsement, it is imperative that your stage-2 visa application is promptly lodged within a three-month window from the issuance of your endorsement letter. It is important to bear in mind that in the event of an endorsement, the ultimate immigration determination will be at the discretion of the Home Office.

Supporting documents for endorsement

Upon seeking approval from an endorsing authority, it is imperative that you furnish a set of undeniably convincing documents to substantiate your application. These documents will effectively demonstrate the fact that you hold an esteemed global reputation as a leader or possess exceptional potential as a burgeoning leader within your specific area of expertise. Please note that the kind of evidence deemed necessary for endorsement purposes for a Global Talent visa will vary depending on the applicant’s field of choice.

To substantiate your application for endorsement, there will be comprehensive and distinct evidentiary prerequisites that must be met. The Home Office online guidelines and Appendix Global Talent of the Immigration Rules outline these requirements. It is essential to meticulously evaluate the evidentiary expectations for the relevant body that corresponds to your particular set of skills.

In order to secure an arts and culture endorsement, it is required that the applicant furnish three letters of recommendation, consisting of two letters of endorsement from distinguished arts and culture organizations, which are widely recognized as experts in the said field, with at least one of them being an organization based in the United Kingdom, and one endorsement from either a well-established arts and culture organization or an individual recognized for their expertise in the applicant’s chosen field. Furthermore, those applicants who exhibit exceptional potential in this sphere are expected to provide a minimum of two of the following:

  • As such, it is important to have evidence of recognition from at least one country, including the country of residence, for the work of an individual or group. This recognition could come in the form of awards, interviews, or written articles in the media. Having two or more examples of this recognition is a great way to demonstrate the impact that an individual or group has had on their field.
  • Demonstrated achievement of international accolades for outstanding performance, including but not limited to winning, nomination, or shortlisting, and/or substantial contribution to these accomplishments.
  • There must be evidence from at least one country that proves the applicant’s experience in appearances, performances, publications, or exhibitions within the given field. Alternatively, proof of international recognition and a sizable audience for the applicant’s work as an individual or as part of a group will also be considered.

It is incumbent upon the petitioner to furnish the prescribed paperwork as directed by the accredited authority along with the submission to the Home Office. Notwithstanding, candidates utilizing digital means of application are obliged to affix the requisites substantiation through the Tech Nation application portal, in accordance with the ongoing application cycle concluding on the 31st of March, 2023.

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