The early settlement scheme concession is for young persons who were either born in the UK or came to the UK as minors and have lived at least half of their life in the UK. The applicant must have held limited leave to remain on the basis of private or family life for a continuous period of at least 5 years.

Our expert team of immigration solicitors are specialists in dealing with ILR application on the basis of a person's private life in the UK. As specialist immigration solicitors, our experienced immigration lawyers have wealth of knowledge and experience to provide high quality legal services for ILR applications. Ask a question to our ILR solicitors for free immigration advice or schedule an appointment for detailed legal advice concerning your ILR application.

Eligibility Criteria For Grant Of ILR Under The Concession

To be eligible for ILR under the early settlement concession an applicant must (at the date of application):

  • Be aged 18 years or above and meet the criteria set out in paragraph 276ADE(1)(v) by having spent at least half of his/her life living continuously in the UK (discounting any period of imprisonment) or has met the criteria set out
    in paragraph 276ADE(1)(v) in a previous application for leave to remain;
  • Have either been born in or entered the UK as a child;
  • Have held limited leave on the basis of family life or private life, for example under Appendix FM, Part 7 or granted outside the Immigration Rules, for a continuous period of five years, disregarding any period of overstaying where
    paragraph 39E of the Rules applies; and
  • Be eligible for further leave to remain under paragraph 276ADE(1) of the Immigration Rules (or, having previously qualified under paragraph 276ADE(1)(v), be eligible for further leave to remain under paragraph 276BE) and have made an application under those rules.

How Can We Help?

Our expert team of ILR solicitors specialise in ILR applications. If instructed to represent you regarding your application for ILR, we will carry out all the work on your ILR application until a decision is made by the Home Office UKVI on your ILR application. The immigration casework to be carried out by our expert team of ILR solicitors will include the following:

  • Assessing your eligibility  by considering all your personal circumstances including any adverse immigration or personal history etc;
  • Advising you on the weaknesses and strengths of your ILR application;
  • Advising you on the relevant documents to be submitted in support of your ILR application;
  • Assessing your documents to ensure that the documentary evidence is as per requirements of the Home Office UKVI immigration Rules;
  • Completing and submitting the online application form to apply for ILR by gathering all the relevant information from you;
  • Helping you with paying the ILR application fee for your application;
  • Booking your appointment with the application centre for verification of documents and enrolment of biometrics;
  • Preparing a detailed cover letter to introduce and support your ILR application;
  • Uploading online all the relevant supporting documents before you attend your appointment for enrolment of your biometrics;
  • Liaising with the Home Office UKVI for a timely decision on your ILR application.

How Much We Charge?

Unless your matter is extremely complicated, our fees for providing expert legal help and assistance with an application for ILR under the early settlment concession are as given in the fee table below:

Our Service Our Fee
Full help with your ILR application to cover all the work until decision by the Home Office UKVI From £1,000 + VAT To £1,500 + VAT

The agreed fixed fee will depend on the complexity of the ILR application and the volume of casework involved in the application. In addition to our fixed fee for helping with an ILR application, the applicant will also have to pay the Home office UKVI fees for the ILR application.

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