You may be eligible to register as a British citizen if you meet the relevant requirements for BNA 1981 for registration as a British citizen. Registering as a British citizen is usually simpler than becoming naturalised, but you must be eligible.

As specialist nationality law solicitors, we can provide fast, friendly, reliable and fixed fee legal representations for registration as a British citizen.

Registration Of Children As British Citizens

Unless the child is a British citizen by birth, the child under the age of 18 can be registered as a British citizen by virtue of various sections of British Nationality Act 1981. As specialist solicitors for registration of children as British citizens, we can provide expert immigration advice and representations for the following applications for a child to be registered as a British citizen:

Registration Of Adults As British Citizens

Under certain circumstances, an applicant is allowed to be registered as a British citizen. Our specialist nationality law solicitors can help with following applications for registration as a British citizen:

Getting Confirmation Of Nationality Status

If you believe that you are already British Citizen, you can apply for confirmation of your nationality status. Our nationality lawyers can help you with your application for confirmation of nationality status - form NS application.

Certificate Of Right Of Abode

If you have naturalised or reigstered as a British Citizen but do not want to apply for British passport, you have the option to apply for a certificate of entitlement to right of abode which will be endorsed on the passport of your own country.

Reconsideration Of Naturalisation / Nationality Application

If your application for naturalisation / British nationality or certificate of right of abode has been refused, our experienced nationality law solicitors can provide expert legal help and assistance in seeking reconsideration of your British nationality application.

British Passport Application

You can apply for British passport if you are British citizen by birth, naturalisation or registration. Our specialist team of immigration solicitors for British passport applications can provide fast, friendly, reliable and fixed fee immigration advice and legal representations for your initial application for British passport and renewal of British passport.

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As specialist immigration lawyers, we pride in having one of the best team of specialist immigration solicitors and lawyers with wealth of knowledge and experience to deal with all types of UK visa and immigration matters. Our top rated immigration lawyers have successfully helped thousands of clients with all types of UK visa and immigration applications, immigration appeals, Administrative Review, Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) and Judicial Review (JR).

Following are the leading immigration lawyers and solicitors in our team of immigration lawyers:

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