If you are a dependant partner, spouse or child of a person with work visa in the UK, you can apply for dependant visa to join or stay with the work visa holder in the UK. The dependants of work visa holders are normally granted permission to stay in the UK until the expiry of the leave granted to the work visa holder who is sponsoring their stay in the UK. In most categories of work visas, the dependants of work visa holders can apply for ILR in the UK upon completion of 5 years in the UK on dependant visa. In some cases, the dependants can apply for ILR at same time when the main applicant is applying for ILR regardless of the length of their residence in the UK.

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FAQs - ILR Skiled Worker / Tier 2 General Dependants

Currently me and my wife are on indefinite leave to remain visa and our daughter is on tier 2 dependent visa and her visa is expiring end of this month. She has completed 3 years on tier 2 dependent visa. She was born outside the UK. Can we directly apply for her indefinite leave to remain or do we need to apply tier 2 dependent visa again so that we can complete 5 years under same category and then we can apply for ILR?

If both parents are holding ILR in the UK, the child can apply for ILR and there is no minimum residence requirement for the ILR application of your child. You can apply for ILR for your child without having to apply for extension of the dependant visa.

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