Mr Amir Naviwala (Specialist Immigration Solicitor)

Mr Amir Naviwala is a specialist immigration solicitor with immense experience of practising UK immigration nationality laws for the last 20 years. He is the owner and Managing Director of Sunrise Solicitors Limited trading under the name of Sunrise Solicitors.

Mr Amir Naviwala is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. He has been involved in the provision of legal services since 1996 when he started practising law in foreign jurisdiction before he arrived in the UK in 1998. He began practising immigration law in the UK in 2002 and has been continuously involved in the provision of immigration legal services ever since. His experience has led him to acquire a vast knowledge in the field and resulted in specialisation in UK immigration over this substantial period, having been fully involved in the practice of UK immigration and nationality laws. He has represented thousands of immigration clients at all stages of immigration cases including representations at the Home Office and immigration courts in the UK. His experience of providing advocacy services in immigration courts has further developed his skills and experience in assessing the UK immigration cases from the point of view of the expectations of the Immigration Judges. This has provided him the ability to significantly enhance his skills of case analysis, resulting in a higher success rate for clients he represents.

Mr Amir Naviwala has dedicated his career to the provision of the best immigration legal services for his clients and leaves no stone unturned. His law practice is primarily his obligation to his clients, and he holds this priority over his business, focusing on quality over quantity. He is a believer of honesty not deceit when providing his legal opinion on the merits of immigration cases so that any and all potential clients understand the true prospects of success and have full autonomy before instructing us and incurring the costs for our legal services.

Amir Naviwala specialises in most of the UK visa and immigration categories, some of which are listed below:

  • All work visa categories such as PSW/Graduate route, Skilled worker, Global Talent, Start-up/Scale up, Health Care worker, Tier 1, Tier 2, Minister of Religion, Sole Representative visa, ICT/Global business mobility etc
  • Asylum
  • Human Rights/private life/family life/discretionary leave/humanitarian protection
  • Deportation matter
  • All applications under Appendix FM family route
  • All applications under Appendix Private Life such as under 7 years, between 18 years to 25 years, 20 years long residence or even under less than 20 years of residence.
  • Partner/spouse/fiancée/same sex relationship leave to remain/entry clearance
  • Long residence applications under 10 years lawful residence
  • Applications as a victim of domestic violence
  • UK Ancestry applications
  • Adult dependant relative applications
  • Applications as parents of a child who has lived in the Uk for 7 years or who is British or settled in the UK
  • Applications for entry clearance or leave to remain by children
  • Applications under EU Regulations (before Brexit) and EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)
  • Unlawful detention matter under “No Win No Fee” basis
  • British Citizenship applications including applications for naturalisation and registration as British Citizen
  • Immigration Appeals involving all the immigration matters as listed above
  • Judicial Review matters
  • Court of Appeal matters


Since 2008, Amir has formed his own company and has been working as an Immigration Supervisor which involves actively supervising the immigration solicitors and caseworkers who are carrying out immigration casework on allocated matters. Each immigration matter allocated by him to a solicitor or caseworker is done following thorough assessment by him as the supervisor to ensure a high quality of service. Amir can gladly claim that he has earned an extremely respectable position in the field of UK Immigration law. The primary reason for this achievement is his trustworthiness and high quality of legal services which he renders to his clients.

Below are some of the “landmark cases” on Amir’s record where his clients were in very difficult situations and held complex matters. Many of these cases fell outside the rules and required demanding work to be argued as exceptional cases. His clients trusted his assessments and achieved their remarkable outcomes

  • 2022 – Visitor visa to Indefinite leave to remain direct, no leave granted in betwee
    Obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain in the first attempt for an applicant in the UK who was on visitor’s visa for a duration of less than 6 months due to bereavement
  • 2022 – Returning resident after losing Indefinite Leave to Remain by living away for more than 2 years from the UK – coming back to UK after 22 years
    Obtaining returning resident (restoring indefinite leave) visa for a client who has lived out of the UK continuously for over 22 years based on her personal circumstances.
  • 2021/22 – Indefinite Leave to remain granted under EU settlement whilst applicant being living outside the UK and without meeting 5 years residence requirement under EU law and being out of the country for nearly 4 years immediately prior to the grant
    Obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK for a client under EU Settlement Scheme when he has been living out of the UK for nearly four years and who had never been granted Pre-Settled status in the UK before.
  • 2020/21 – Indefinite Leave to Remain under Domestic violence
    Client’s first application and Administrative Review applications got refused. The main incident of Domestic Violence happened approximately 6 months prior to the applicant’s separation from the sponsor wife.
  • 2020/21 – Returning resident got granted, ILR restored, applicant’s ILR revoked due to more than 2 years absence from the UK – wanted to come back to the UK after 13/14 yearsObtaining returning resident (restoring indefinite leave) visa for 3 members of the same family after they have lived for over 14 years outside the UK.
  • 2020/21 – Indefinite Leave to Remain under Domestic violence
    Obtaining Indefinite leave to remain in the first attempt for a client under domestic violence category whose application was twice refused as well as his admin reviews were refused twice as well. No first class evidence available but wife locked him out of the house.
  • 2021/22 – Adult Dependant Relative (outside the rules, within the UK application, leave granted for 2.5 years) with not physical disabilityObtained limited leave to remain in the UK for the applicant who was having no major health issues, or he was not requiring physical care but the emotional support only from his two sons who he joined them after more than 20 years living away.
  • 2021/22 – Indefinite Leave to Enter granted as an Adult Dependant Relative on Entry Clearance Applications, after winning the appeal from the tribunal in the UKObtained Indefinite Leave to Enter after appealing for two different clients from two different countries where the care homes were available to provide the care, but the Judge did not accept that as an option for the appellants
  • 2021/22 – Unlawful Detention, special damages, loss of earnings for nearly two years period of one claimantIn one of the unlawful detentions matters he managed to get a family of two, the compensation of over £100,000 (one hundred thousand) for the unlawful detention and special damages.
  • 2018/19 – Naturalisation – Not meeting residence requirementsObtaining Nationality (British Citizenship) for a client who remain out of the UK for nearly 1400 days in the past 8 years or so.
  • 2018/19 – Naturalisation – lived in the UK for hardly 90 days only in a year during last 10 years or soObtaining Nationality (British Citizenship) for a client who would have hardly remain in the UK for nearly 90 days per year in the last 8 years or so when the legal requirement is to live for 270 per year.
  • 2018/19 – Indefinite Leave to Remain granted to the spouse of the bereaved partner when the applicant was in the UK as a visitor and not under partner leaveObtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain for a client in the UK who was on a visitor’s visa in the UK. This option is not available under the rules.


These are only some of those cases recalled at the time of writing this profile but certainly there are so many other cases where his clients were involved in so difficult situations and were unable to finding their way out but after coming to Amir, they had been so thankful that it cannot be expressed in words.

These are only some of the cases recalled at the time by Amir however, there have been countless cases where his clients have been in complicated situations and were only able to find their way out by following Amir’s advice. Our reviews are only a testament to this.

To find out how clients feel about Sunrise Solicitors an their Managing Director, Mr Amir Naviwala, simply search where you can find our genuine and authentic reviews made by those who attended a consultation and those who instructed us to carry out their applications. He has proved that he and his team has been serving his thousands of clients very successfully since 2008. We value full disclosure and Amir will be able to explain the exact conditions should there not be a viable solution to an immigration case. His attention to detail and relationship with clients has also been reflected in referrals from family and friends.

Amir Naviwala is also socially very active and well known to the local community. He is a kind person and always tends to help others and come forward to tackle any issues that are brought to him. He loves to take big challenges in life and has always focused on the righteousness. He believes that being a responsible citizen, it is his obligation to act for the betterment of the society where he lives.