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Services Contracts

Unfair terms

Unfair terms disputes in UK contract law revolve around contractual provisions deemed unfair or unreasonably disadvantageous to one party, particularly in consumer contracts. The Consumer Rights Act provides protection against unfair terms, and remedies may include striking out or amending unfair terms to restore balance in the contractual relationship. Resolving unfair terms disputes requires a […]

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Misrepresentation disputes involve false statements or misleading information that induces one party to enter into a contract. Under UK law, misrepresentation can be innocent, negligent, or fraudulent. Remedies for misrepresentation may include rescission of the contract or damages to compensate for any losses suffered as a result of the misrepresented information.

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Illegality disputes in UK contract law focus on situations where the subject matter or purpose of a contract is illegal, rendering the agreement void. Contracts involving illegal activities or those contravening public policy are generally unenforceable. Resolving illegality disputes requires a careful examination of the nature of the illegal act and its impact on the

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Agency Disputes

Agency disputes under UK law involve conflicts arising between parties where one (the agent) represents the interests of another (the principal). These disputes often revolve around the extent of the agent’s authority, commission entitlements, or termination terms. Resolving agency disputes requires careful consideration of agency agreements, the implied or express authority of the agent, and

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Dispute resolutions

Dispute resolution refers to the methods and processes used to settle conflicts between parties, avoiding the need for full-scale litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as mediation and arbitration, offer more collaborative and efficient ways to resolve disputes. In the construction industry, for instance, parties may opt for arbitration to address issues without going

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Injunctions are court orders that compel or restrain a party from taking a particular action. They are commonly sought to prevent harm or preserve rights before a legal dispute is fully resolved. In the context of construction, for example, an injunction may be sought to halt construction activities if there is a dispute over the

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