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Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Visa UK

You can apply for an Intra-company Transfer (ICT) visa if you are an existing employee of a multinational employer who needs to be transferred to their UK branch, for training purposes or to fill a specific vacancy that cannot be filled by a settled either on a long term basis or for frequent short visits. You cannot use this route if you are an employee of an overseas employer that is not linked by common ownership or control to the UK branch.

There are 2 sub-categories of Intra-Company Transfer:

ICT (Long Term Staff)

You can apply for ICT Long Terms Staff visa if you have been working for your organisation for at least 12 months directly prior to your transfer to the UK and are being transferred to a skilled job in the UK to fill a post which cannot be filled by a settled worker. This is for a period of up to a maximum of 5 years. There are more flexible rules for high earners.

ICT (Graduate Trainee)

You can apply for ICT Graduate Trainee visa if you are a recent graduate recruit being transferred to a UK branch of your organisation for the purpose of training. This route cannot be used to fill long-term posts. You must be coming to the UK for a maximum period of 12 months as part of a structured graduate training programme with clearly defined progression towards a managerial or specialist role within your organisation.

Services For ICT Visa Dependants

Our specialist team of dependant visa solicitors can provide fast, friendly, reliable and fixed fee immigration advice and representations for following applications for dependants of ICT Migrant:

  • Entry Clearance For ICT Dependant Visa
  • Switching Into ICT Dependant Visa
  • Extension Of ICT Dependant Visa
  • Administrative Review (AR) Of ICT Dependant Visa Refusal


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