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Residential Property Disputes

Residential Property Disputes Overview:

Residential property disputes encompass various conflicts commonly arising among homeowners and tenants:

  1. Boundary Disputes:
    • Nature: Involves disagreements over property lines and ownership, leading to legal uncertainties.
  2. Landlord and Tenant Disputes:
    • Issues: Encompass rent arrears, eviction proceedings, and maintenance conflicts, impacting the stability of the landlord-tenant relationship.
  3. Nuisance and Neighbour Disputes:
    • Causes: Arise from disturbances like noise or property damage, straining neighbourly interactions.
  4. Leasehold Disputes:
    • Focus: Introduce conflicts tied to the terms and conditions of lease agreements, requiring careful legal attention to navigate complexities.

Commercial Property Disputes:

  1. Tenancy Disputes:
    • Rent Reviews: Disagreements over rent adjustments.
    • Lease Renewals: Conflicts during the renewal process.
    • Breaches of Lease Terms: Legal issues concerning the lease agreement’s terms and conditions.
  2. Dilapidation Claims:
    • Focus: Disputes over property maintenance and repair responsibilities.
  3. Development Disputes:
    • Nature: Conflicts arising during the planning and development process.
  4. Rent Arrears and Recovery:
    • Objective: Involves legal proceedings to recover overdue rent payments from tenants.

Both residential and commercial property disputes demand meticulous legal attention to navigate the intricacies of property ownership, occupancy, and lease agreements.

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